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Digital Series of Rail Events

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INTRODUCING Digital Edition FOR 2021

Invitation for The 3rd Rail Technology Expo 2021 Conference and Expo for latest technologies & projects in railway sector​

Conference: 01st Dec 2021 – 02nd Dec 2021
Exhibition: 01st Dec 2021 – 10th Dec 2021

Time: 09:30 AM – 5:30 PM 
Venue: Digital Platform


Focus: New Technologies & Requirements in Railways, Metro Projects, LRT Systems, Semi & High Speed Rail, Station Redevelopment and Freight Projects.

Introducing 3rd Rail Technology Expo 2021:

Conference and Expo for latest technologies & projects in railway sector

This event is a Conference and Expo for latest technologies & projects in railway, mass transit and high speed sector starting from 01st Dec 2021 to 10th Dec 2021 where multiple Indian and International Speakers & Industry Experts would address the Railway market and highlight new opportunities. This would also consist of a networking exhibition focused on Rail supply chain ecosystem and latest solutions.

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Sub - sectors in Railways and Metro industry:

S.No Sector Key Areas
Rolling Stock
LHB - EMU - Metro - Wagons - Locomotive - Coaches - HSR Coach - Interiors
Rail stations Redevelopment - Components at Stations - Metro stations - Modal hubs - HSR station - EPC - PPP Project - Commercial Development - Station Management
Track Renewal - New lines - Civil work - Soil stabilization - Doubling - Tripling - EPC - Specific Machinery Supply
Passenger Safety
Maintenance - New Projects - Sensors - Predictive Maintenance - Testing Systems - Condition Monitoring
Energy Efficiency
Electric Locomotive - Green Buildings - Solar Energy
Signaling & Telecom
ETCS L2 - Indigenization -Components - Supply of Equipment - Maintenance - CBTC
Components - EPC Contracting - Supply of Equipment - Maintenance of Equipment - Catenary Systems
Higher Speeds
Civil Work - HSR Components - Track work - Rolling Stock - Electrical
Automation & Internet of Things
Cyber Security - Artificial Intelligence - Industry 4.0 - Automation
Wagons - New Wagon Scheme - Leasing - DFCC based approach - Improved Freight Stock - Industry Parks - SEZs

Key Focus:

3rd Rail Technology Expo 2021 - Themes:

Modernization of Rolling Stock - New Innovations & Technologies
  • Advanced Product Designing and Engineering in Rolling Stock
  • Smart Factory Solutions & Automation of Machinery and Equipment
  • Emerging Markets in Railways for exports of Indian components
  • Replacement of aging rolling stock & Obsolescence Management
  • Indian market view & its future progress
  • Adoption of New Technologies for Railway Projects in India
Development of Mass transit systems and LRT Projects
  • New Technologies in Welding & Fabrication
  • Innovation in Laser Cutting solutions for coaches
  • Robotic & automation in Coach welding & Fabrication
  • Welding and Laser Cutting products and solutions for Railways
  • Recent Trends in Welding Processes in Railway Factories
  • Integration of auto welder setup for seamless welding of coaches
Automation in Welding, Laser Cutting and Fabrication
  • New Metro Projects – Planning and Financing
  • Financing Models of Metro Projects
  • CBTC and Driverless technology for Metro Rail Projects
  • Light Rail Projects – Metrolite , Metroneo etc
  • Intermodal connectivity between different modes of travel for seamless experience
  • Generating Non Fare Revenues for PPP Metro Projects
Advancements in Mass Transit, Railway Signalling and Electrification - New Technologies
  • System Assurance & RAMS for Railway Systems
  • PPP in Railway Infrastructure & Electrification projects
  • ETCS & TCAS Technologies : Development and Adoption
  • CBTC and Driverless technology for Metro Rail Projects
  • Innovative solutions for Electrification Work of Railway Tracks
  • Developments in telecom Infrastructure sector in Railway sector India

2nd Rail Technology Expo 2021 - Themes:

New Innovations & Technologies in Railways and Metro Sector for sustainable growth
  • Make in India for Railway Sector & Achieving sustainable growth
  • Indigenization of Metro Rail, RRTS and High Speed Rail Systems
  • Emerging Markets in Railways for exports of Indian components
  • Replacement of aging rolling stock & Obsolescence Management
  • Indian market view & its future progress
  • Adoption of New Technologies for Railway Projects in India

Modernization of Rolling Stock and Maintenance of coaches
  • New technologies for Refurbishment and Maintenance of Coaches
  • Smart Factory Solutions & Automization of Machinery and Equipment
  • Advancement in Metrology, Design and Engineering
  • New Technologies in Welding & Fabrication
  • Introduction of cutting-edge technology in manufacturing
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence and IoT for Rolling Stock Maintenance
Enhancing Passengers Experience and Contactless travel in Post Covid Eras
  • Contactless travel in post Covid-19 world
  • Adoption of E ticketing / AFC and Smart Cards
  • Adapting to Travel in challenging times: Reinstating Passenger Confidence
  • Global Impact of Covid and the New Normal
  • Passenger – friendly multimodal ticketing
  • Intermodal connectivity between different modes of travel for seamless experience
Joint ventures and Technology transfer
  • Cross-border trading, Imports and Exports of railway components
  • Developing market for Exports for Rail components
  • Transfer of Technology for local manufacturing
  • Joint Ventures in Railway Sector – Successful examples
  • Emerging funding agencies for Rail & Metro projects
  • How can companies collaborate for R&D across boundaries?
Development of Metro Systems & LRT Projects
  • Projects under construction and planning
  • Maintenance of Existing Systems
  • New Metro Projects – Planning and Financing
  • Financing Models of Metro Projects
  • Light Rail Projects – Metrolite , Metroneo etc
  • Driverless Technology and Automation: Development and Adoption
Railway station redevelopment & Advancements in Rail Infrastructure
  • Advanced Design for Infrastructure in Railway Projects
  • Use of BIM in Infrastructure Projects
  • Modernising railway stations with world class amenities
  • Role of Digital Technologies in Station Management post lockdown
  • PPP in Railway Infrastructure & Electrification projects
  • Enhancing passengers experience
Modernization of Signalling & Telecom - Advanced Technologies
  • ETCS & TCAS Technologies : Development and Adoption
  • CBTC and Driverless technology for Metro Rail Projects
  • System Assurance & RAMS for Railway Systems
  • Achieving Safety and Reliability in projects
  • Advanced components required for signaling projects in India
  • Under spotlight: : Bringing 4G and 5G Technology in Railways
Information Technology for Railways & Rise of Dedicated Freight Corridors
  • Dedicated Freight Corridors and their Impact
  • Cyber security in Railways
  • IOT in Railways, Blockchain and Cloud Application
  • Infra-monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • Real Time Monitoring of Rolling Stock
  • Making Railway Digital assets: Safe and Reliable

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Visitors expected with following expertise:

  • Bridges & Tunneling
  • Civil Engineering & Construction
  • Digitization in Rail and Cyber security
  • Electrification & Electrical Products
  • Industry 4.0
  • AI and Predictive Analysis
  • Management Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Rolling Stock
  • Signalling & Telecommunication
  • Station Development
  • Testing & Certification
  • Ticketing & Payments
  • Track Infrastructure
  • Others

Why You Should be a Exhibitor In The 3rd Rail Technology Expo 2021:

  • Get extreme recognition in your business capabilities.
  • Add more power and value to your products.
  • Showcase your Innovative strengths and achievements.
  • Minimum expenses for participation as there are no travel, accommodation or allied costs involved.
  • Reaching out to a vast number of genuine decision makers located in various parts of the world.
  • Let the potential customers know, who you are and stand out, above your rivals and your competitors.
  • You can contact the prospective audience who attended your session and visited your booth after the event.
  • Take your brand awareness to the next level by catching the eyes and ears of the actual buyers / importers.
  • B2B networking and meetings are possible during the event
  • Ample opportunities of Marketing / Selling / Exporting your innovative products to a vast list of interested customers.

Key Insights shared by the Panelists and Speakers in Rail Technology Expo:

In reference to the Union budget 2021-22, The panelists mostly felt that the budget 2021-22 was extremely progressive and path breaking with a lot of transparency.

In reference to the TCAS project and Speed Up gradation of Railways, Railways now has one its own advanced in degenous signalling system called TCAS (Train Collision Avoidance System) locally developed by RDSO and some firms are capable of rolling out TCAS system. Further, Railways have capability of producing world class train-sets as seen in Vande Bharat Express. Also the entire Delhi to Howrah route has been sanctioned an additional budget this year to upgrade it to 160 kmph.

The DFCC team is working towards completing the section between Ajmer and Palampur which will be connected to the western ports of Kandla and Mundra soon. Further the timelines set to complete the entire Dedicated Freight Corridors of East and West that is up to Son nagar in Eastern sector and up to Mumbai in Western sector is by June 2022.

The Bangalore Suburban Project is going to be built under Make in India initiative of the Central Government and Indian Railways has come forward to allow the construction in its Right of Way. So, Bangalore is going to get a Metro like system, 150 kms long with the Railways land being offered free of cost and railways participating 20% equity and 50% loan guarantee.

The Building Lean Digital Rolling Stock Maintenance Eco system model which aims to transform the rolling stock management and rolling stock maintenance is a well designed and structured framework which aims to exploit full potential of technologies under Industry 4.0 & Digital Revolution. It provides a canvas where all such digital initiative swhich are being undertaken under Digital revolution – Industry 4.0 are aligned with the support of lean management together with the overall objective of transforming rolling stock management.

In reference to the Mechanised Construction on Freight Corridors, Eastern Corridor is divided in the several part swhich is approx 1800 kms. To complete this work the timeline given was very tight so to complete all these works in time, DFCC team utilized the automated mechanisation because by manual means it was not possible. The machine which they adopted for track laying was a state-of-the-art world class machine. It is 45 meter long and it is completely mechanised with flow of Materials ,Sleepers and laying of Rails. It is working at the speed of 10 sleepers per minute and it is capable of handling 260 meter long rails.

In reference to the RFID tagging of coaches and wagons over the Indian Railways, It is a key element for digitizationas far as railways is concerned. RFID is an integral element of an AIDC project (Automatic Identification and Data Collection). The RFID project is also a key element in RAMS initiative of Indian Railways which is really about improving the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability etc. of the rolling stock.

In reference to the100% electrification of Broad Gauge routes over Indian Railway by 2023 and becoming a Green Railway by 2030, around 43,000 route kms have been electrified and they have more than 68,000 km railway networking place. So that means another 25,000 route kms railway network is to be electrified in the next 3 years. So there is big momentum in the rate of approx 7000 – 8000 route kms per year.

As far as Indigenization of Signalling & Telecommunication systems concerned , there has been a lot of in digenisation already done. In fact most of the signalling systems like Point Machines, Relays and Conventional signalling systems have been manufactured in India only. Even the computer based Electronic Inter locking, the manufacturers have now started manufacturing in India.

A Few Opportunities in the Indian Market:

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Metro Opportunities

The work / planning on Metro projects is going on in 25+ cities across the country and India will have close to 1000 kms of Metro Rail system by 2022. It is going to help the industry in increasing indigenous capacity for production of transportation systems.
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Light Rail Systems

New modes such as light rail are also gaining traction.High quality rolling stock and advanced signaling and telecommunication systems are expected to be utilized as part of these projects.
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RRTS Projects

Works are also going in full pace for the India’s first Delhi-Meerut RRTS project. There are many tenders have been floated for the project in the fields including Construction, Track, and Consultancy Services etc.
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Suburban Trains

Currently in Mumbai, the government is executing new Phase of MUTP project namely MUTP-3 and 3A. This will create opportunities in the sectors including Track, Rolling Stock, signaling and telecommunication, Construction and Project Management Consultancies etc.
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Semi High Speed Projects

The Government has given its approval for increasing the speed of the Delhi-Mumbai (including Vadodara-Ahmedabad), and Delhi-Howrah route (including Kanpur-Lucknow) to 160 Kmph’ at a total cost of Rs. 6,685 cr by 2022-23 with infrastructure upgradation on these sections.
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High Speed Projects

Works for the India’s first bullet train project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad have picked up pace. They have already floated many tenders for the project.

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Speakers & Panelists of our 2nd Rail Technology Expo 2021:

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Speakers & Panelists of our 1st Rail Technology Expo 2021:

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Testimonials of our Rail Technology Expo 2021

I feel honoured to be invited to speak in the Digital Conference being organized by Rail Analysis in the session of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Autometers Alliance Ltd.

We are very pleased with the great organization of this event!


It’s an honor to share my experience in the rail sector at Rail Technology Expo 2021 . Contactless travel in post covid19 world is a clear key driver for the future of the sector.

TRA Consulting

I must say that you and your team have very professional organized a very interesting event.
It was a great pleasure for me to see the helpful and very informative presentations.