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CMRL invites EOI for procurement of 126 coaches on Lease Basis for Chennai Metro’s Phase-2

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited Expression of Interest (EOI) for providing 126 Cars (42 Trainsets of 3 cars each) on lease basis of CMRL Phase II network and maintaining these cars during their life cycle against payment of lease/rental charges by CMRL on the basis of hourly running of trainsets for passenger operation.

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/PH-II/SYS/ARE04/EOI/2021
  • Name of work: Providing Rolling Stock on Lease Basis for Phase II of Chennai Metro Rail Project.
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 19-Aug-2021
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 06-Aug-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 21-Sep-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 13-Sep-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 21-Sep-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 21-Sep-2021


About the project:

  • The Chennai Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), a joint venture between Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu, operates the Chennai Metro. It is the third longest metro system in India after Delhi Metro and Hyderabad metro.
  • The Phase-I of Chennai Metro Rail project covers a length of 45.046 km network and consists of two corridors i.e. Corridor-I (Blue Line) – From Washermenpet to Airport (23.085 Km), Corridor -2(Green Line) – From Chennai Central to St. Thomas Mount (21.961 km). 
  • About 55% of the corridors in Phase-I is underground and the remaining elevated. Out of 32 nos of stations 13 nos are elevated stations and remaining 19 nos are underground stations. 
  • Inter corridor interchange stations are available at Alandur (Elevated) station and Chennai Central (Underground) station respectively. The system commenced service in 2015 after partially opening the first phase of the project.


Phase I Extension:

  • The Government planned 9.051 km northern extension of the Blue Line running from Washermanpet metro station to Wimco Nagar Depot. 
  • The line runs underground for the first 2.4 km until Tondiarpet after which it becomes elevated along the Thiruvottriyur high road and consists of a total of nine stations. 
  • Construction started in July 2016 after approval by the Central government. 
  • The trial runs were conducted successfully in December 2020 and the line opened for passenger traffic on 14 February 2021 by Prime minister Narendra Modi.
  • The Total operational network of the whole Chennai metro is now 54.15 km.


Future Expansion: 

  • In 2018, a 16 km southern extension of the Blue Line from Airport Station, which is currently the southern terminus, to the upcoming Kilambakkam Bus Terminus was announced.


Phase II Project: 

  • The need of a greater expansion of Chennai metro network by undertaking subsequent phases. 
  • The Phase II expansion is planned for the length of 118.9 Km network with 128 nos of stations.


General Information: 

  • The proposed model envisages to seek offers from applicants for availability of committed number of trains for operating the same on Phase II network of CMRL for the contract period. The criteria for availability of trains shall be detailed in the RFP document. 
  • The lessor shall be responsible for maintenance and providing rolling stock as per the committed availability. The Table below shows likely route length of the corridor and type of the corridor i.e. at grade, underground or elevated.

Alignment Summary of CMRL Phase II Corridors (Tentative):

S. No Name of the Corridor Underground (Km) Elevated/ At-Grade (Km) Total (Km)
1 Corridor 3: Madhavaram Milk Colony to SIPCOT 2 26.51 19.31 45.82
2 Corridor 4: Poonamallee Bypass to Light house 9.82 16.26 26.08
3 Corridor 5: Madhavaram Milkcolony to Sholinganallur 5.22 41.79 47.01
  • Lessee (CMRL) has initiated the contract procurement for total of 96 trainsets (3 car trainset) through two tenders (Design, Manufacture, Supply, testing and commissioning basis) one for 26 trainsets and other for 70 trainsets. Contract procurement for Signalling system for the entire Phase II also initiated by the Lessee.
  •  The Rolling stock to be delivered under this contract must meet the technical specification as enclosed in Annexure – I.


Rolling Stock Supply:

  • In addition to the existing Rolling stocks being procured as stated above in clause 1.2.1, the Lessee has planned to acquire approximately 42 trainsets (3 car trainset) on lease through current Expression of Interest (EOI) – ARE04. Both the Existing Stocks and New Stocks may run simultaneously during the period of introduction of new trains acquired on lease. It is estimated that these 42 trainsets (approximately) of 3 car each will be required to be provided within four (04) years from the date of lease agreement. This 42 trainsets so procured shall run in all the three corridors as stated above in clause 1.2.1.
  • The Lessee at his discretion may advise the Lessor in writing about increased requirement of Rolling Stock for operation on Phase II. For any increase in quantity, Lessee may exercise the option on any date within five years of the scheduled induction of last trainset on revenue service. Lessor shall be required to supply increased ordered quantities at the contracted terms & conditions and determined prices. 
  • No additional amounts on account of quantity variation or any other account whatsoever shall be payable to the Lessor.
  • The New Stock to be supplied by the lessor shall be compatible with the proposed Signalling system which will be provided by the signaling contractor of CMRL Phase II network.
  • Details about the required headway for operation and minimum requirement of trains would be furnished along with Key Dates for delivery & commissioning in the RFP document.


Management of Depots:

  • Depot facilities at Madhavaram Milk Colony and Poonamallee are planned to cover the entire Phase-II network. 
  • These facilities along with all Machinery & Plant etc. shall be provided to the lessor for the purpose of maintenance of New Stock. 
  • The lessor shall be responsible for management of the portion of the depot provided to them.
  • The Depot facility shall be provided to the Lessor by Lessee in a gradual manner and completely when all New Stock, i.e. 42 trainsets of 3 cars each, are supplied.
  • Madhavaram depot is the primary depot allocated for all T&C and maintenance related activities. 
  • However, part of the maintenance activity resources of Madhavaram depot shall be shifted to Poonamallee depot for minor maintenance activities in case of exigencies only.


Website from which any additional information can be obtained:,

Source: CMRL-Tender | Image Credit: CMRL